Feminists from Latin America manifest against the Chile’s Minister for Women’s affairs

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The opening of the Regional Conference on Women in Santiago, Chile, marked by the
protests against the attendance of Isabel Plá, ended with the reading of the document signed by organizations of the region.


(Santiago, Chile, January 29th, 2020) – Feminists protests marked the second day of the
XIV Regional Conference on Women. During the official opening, the speech “A rapist
in your way” by Las Tesis was replicated at the door of ECLAC. Meanwhile,
representatives of the civil who were on the premises wearing red patches withdrew when
Isabel Plá, minister of Women and Gender Equality of Chile, who assumes the presidency
of the conference, spoke.

Plá was questioned by the Chilean feminists about the role she played during the social
outburst that keeps taking place in the country. The minister is accused of negating and
occulting the violence suffered by women and girls during the protests of the last months.

“Feminists and Chilean throughout the region express to the Chilean Women Minister
their rejection to the lack of solidarity with Chilean women and girls’ victims of the most

atrocious violence, which led to sight losses, burns, rapes and even deaths. As the Minister
justifies this repression, Latin-American and Caribbean women cannot accept her to be
the responsible for chairing the implementation of agreements for the next years until the
next conference”, stated Mabel Bianco, president of the Executive Committee of NGOs
on the Condition of Women from Latin America and the Caribbean -CoNGO CSW LAC.

The opening of the Conference, in which representatives from regional governments and
from different UN offices participated, concluded with the reading, by one of the Chilean
fellows, of the document written by the civil society. In addition to remind States to
encourage appropriate public policies, with budget and intersectional perspective, the text
highlighted the key role of feminists and women movements: “We are used to repeat that
Latin America and the Caribbean is the most unequal region of the world and now we
will use ourselves to say that we are also the region with the most powerful and mobilizing
feminism of the world”, they affirmed.

The full document is available HERE