Feminisms from Latin America and the Caribbean begin the road to Beijing + 25

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First stop: Chile

From January 27 to 31, 2020 in Santiago, Chile, will be held the Beijing +25 Regional
Preparatory Meeting simultaneously with the XIII Regional Conference on Women in
Latin America and the Caribbean organized by the Economic Commission for Latin
America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) every three years. For feminisms and civil society
organizations that work for the human rights of women in the region, it will be the first
stop on the road to the revision of the Beijing Platform for Action, which in March would
be validated at the CSW and then in September 2020 at the Special Session.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA), the
CSW64 will analyze what happened in these years to assess the progress made, in
addition to looking to the future with concrete and necessary proposals to achieve
gender equality. The Generation Equality Forum is a multi-stakeholder meeting with
two focal meetings in Mexico (May 2020) and Paris (July 2020), agreed by UN Women,
with France and Mexico governments as co- chairs in collaboration with the global civil
society represented by the advisory Group.

The BPfA promoted gender equality, based on the formulation of broad range of
commitments in 12 areas of concern. As UN Women points out, “since then,
governments, civil society and the general public have translated the promises of the
Platform for Action into concrete actions in each of the countries”. Although the situation is different in each country, in these 25 years progress was made mainly in normative terms in the countries of the region, in the implementation of specific public
policies and in the conquest of rights for women, youth and girls. The eradication of all
forms of violence is an issue that progressively appeared on the public agenda to settle
permanently around the year 2015, when thousands of people throughout Latin
America took to the streets behind the slogan #NiUnaMenos, promoted by women and
feminist organizations. The Cairo Conferences and the Montevideo Consensus allowed the progress on sexual and reproductive rights. The challenge in 2020 is to raise some
progress in the Beijing + 25 Platform for Action that installs priority issues on the public
agenda, consistent with the demands of feminisms and updated.

Representatives of civil society organizations in the region will discuss in the Forum in
Chile a document of recommendations to the States articulated in six axes: inclusive
development, shared prosperity and decent work; poverty eradication, social protection
and social services; freedom from violence, stigma and stereotypes; gender sensitive
participation, responsibility and institutions; peaceful and inclusive societies;
conservation, protection and environmental rehabilitation.

It is important that the regional document to be drawn in Chile contains many of our
proposals of civil society to promote and accelerate the implementation of the Beijing
Action Plan said Mabel Bianco-.This region must remain the most progressive”.