Argentina will host the next Regional Conference on Women

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The XIV Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean at ECLAC,
Santiago, Chile, culminated in a strong rejection by feminist organizations of the governments
of Chile, Brazil and Bolivia. The countries approved the “Santiago Commitment”


(Santiago, Chile, January 31st, 2020). Argentina will host the XV Regional Conference on
Women in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2022. The announcement was made today at
the end of the XIV Conference at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin
America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), which began on January 27th, with the participation of
States and civil society organizations.

The region’s countries approved the Santiago Commitment, which can be downloaded HERE, which establishes measures to implement the Beijing Platform of Action and the Regional Gender Agenda by “strengthening the institutional framework and gender architecture through the establishment of a hierarchy of mechanisms for the advancement of women and the mainstreaming of the gender perspective at the different levels of the State”.

The Santiago Commitment contains 48 points of agreement in sensitive areas, which propose
objectives aimed at eradicating gender violence, providing universal access to comprehensive
health services, including sexual and reproductive health services, promoting anti-
discrimination laws and respecting the rights of women, girls and populations of African
descent, The aim is to promote the participation of women in science, technology, engineering
and mathematics, to implement policies and programs that contribute to healthy and active
aging, to reduce the wage gap and to increase the representation of women in decision-
making in order to achieve parity democracy, among others.

At the opening of the Conference, the feminists attending stood up from their chairs as the
Chilean Minister of Women's Affairs, Isabel Plá, began her speech and covered one eye with a red patch as a sign of protest against the Chilean government's repression that left women and girls without sight during the protests in which they were also victims of rape and
femicide. They also demonstrated against Brazil's Minister of Women's Affairs, Damares Alves, turning their backs on her as she spoke. Today, Alves did not sign the Santiago
Commitment. And feminists again demonstrated against representatives of the Brazilian and
Bolivian governments.

“This conference culminated in the clear expression of rejection by feminist organizations of
the governments of Chile, Bolivia and Brazil. The final document approved by the
governments almost fully covers our initiatives and I am personally very happy that Argentina
will be the next host of the conference in three years’ time” said Mabel Bianco, co-chair of
the NGO Committee on the Status of Women in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The closing speech of the Conference was given by Clarissa Guevara, from the Delegation of
Mexico, who encouraged: “Latin America, in consideration and approval of the Santiago
Commitment and the recognition of the leadership of young women, today I want to tell you:
you are not alone and we will not let go, and it’s going to fall because we’re going to throw it away! To the patriarchy, we’ll throw it away! Like a fire that walks among us, for the struggle to transform everything, to make possible the conditions to glimpse other possible futures and thus rehabilitate the hope of those who follow, those who come, those who are now our children. Power, strength, resilience and sisterhood with all of you.”